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We're the Justice for Potatoes League

We love all kinds of potatoes, from French fries to hash browns. And we're on a mission to tell you the truth about our favorite potatoes.

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Check Out These Fresh Facts!

We’ve discovered how Ore-Ida makes such delicious fries. They start with 100% fresh, Grade A potatoes, most of which come from Oregon and Idaho, the heart of potato country. No wonder they’re our favorites!
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How the Best Potatoes Become
Ore-Ida Fries.

Ore-Ida fries go from peeled potato to bag in less than an hour. So THAT’S how they capture the freshness of Grade A potatoes in every bag!
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If It’s Not Ore-Ida, It’s Not
Tater Tots®.

Ore-Ida® Tater Tots® are the original – and only – Tater Tots. Since 1954 - whoa! Mom’s been making them for as long as we can remember, and she ate them as a kid, too!
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Hash Browns Bring Families Together.

When mom makes hash browns for dinner, we all come running. That’s because hash browns are delicious and fun, and we love ‘em! Mom thinks fun family meals are a great way to spend time together. We just think they’re great, period!
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Everything Goes Great With Potatoes.

Let's face it - Potatoes are special. There are so many amazing things you can do with them! French fries and mashed potatoes are two of my all-time favorites! I bet there are a million different things you can make with potatoes. I want to try them all!
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